London in Bloom brings out magnolias and cherry blossom in London

London in Bloom – Where to See Magnolia and Cherry Blossom in London (and When)

By on 09/03/2019

London has a reputation of being a grey and rainy city, but in reality it is awash with colour. Particularly in the spring and summer, London comes alive with flowering trees and gardens wherever you look. There are so many pretty places with blooming trees in London that you could spend months hunting them down. Starting out in the early spring with early blossoms and magnolias, followed by wisteria and cherry blossoms, London bursts with colour.

Here are the best places to see London in bloom.

Early blossoms in London 

From mid-February

London has a few varieties of cherry blossom, and the early blooming ones start making an appearance in mid-February. Here’s where you can see the first blossoms in London.

South Kensington

Early cherry blossom in South Kensington

Early cherry blossom in South Kensington

Right outside South Kensington tube station you will find a tree that has become insta-famous. It may be because it’s incredibly pretty with its deep pink blossoms or because it’s one of the first ones to tell us spring is here, so everyone who’s been looking forward to the blooming season will be taking photos of it.

Portobello Road

Pink cherry blossoms in front of a purple house and a pink door

Pink cherry blossoms in Portobello Road

Another insta-famous tree (yes, really!) can be found on Portobello Road. This tree is one of the most photogenic ones and being so close to the Portobello Market in Notting Hill, it’s really popular with tourists. The pink door behind it and the purple house next door really makes this tree pop when in bloom.

I have seen people sitting on the railings of this particular house to take a photo with this tree. Remember that real people live in these houses. Please be mindful and respectful of people’s properties and keep your voice down to avoid disrupting when taking photos outside this or any other house.

Richmond Riverside

Richmond Riverside is really beautiful all year round, particularly at sunrise and sunset. My good friend @veevs is well known for capturing the beautiful Richmond light as the sun rises and sets over the Thames. She captured this beautiful early blossom here in the first hours of the day and it’s just magical!

Sunrise in Richmond Riverside

Sunrise in Richmond Riverside. Photo Credit: @veevs

Magnolias in London

From March

Magnolias are possibly the most spectacular blossoms in London, but as pretty as they are, they only last a couple of weeks. They get easily damaged by wind and cold spells, which are common at this time of the year, so try and catch them as soon as they are out. There’s a big concentration of big magnolias in West London, so here are the most spectacular locations.


Ropers Gardens

Bramerton Street

Magnolia in full bloom against a white house with brown door

Magnolia in full bloom in Bramerton Street

Mallord Street

Magnolias outside a red bricked building with a Dutch gable

Magnolias in Mallord Street

Gilston Road

Big magnolia tree in bloom outside a big white house

Lovely magnolia tree in Gilston Road

The Boltons

Branches of blooming magnolias over a white building with a black door

The Boltons are a lovely street to spot magnolias in bloom

Branches of blooming magnolia and camellia in front of a white house

There are plenty of magnolias and camellias in The Boltons

Real people live in these streets
. Please be mindful and respectful of their properties and keep your voice down to avoid disrupting when taking photos outside any of these houses.

The Little Boltons

White magnolia flowers in front of a black door

Lovely white star magnolia in The Little Boltons

Harcourt Terrace

Magnolia flowers with street in the background

Beautiful blooms in Harcourt Terrace

Magnolia blooms with row of townhouses in the background

The magnolias look great against the white columns of Harcourt Terrace

Redcliffe Gardens

Earls Court

Earls Court Gardens

Magnolia in bloom in front of a grey building with navy blue door

Earls Court Gardens looking blooming wonderful

Big magnolia tree in bloom outside a grey townhouse

Magnificent magnolia in bloom


Victoria Road 

Flowering magnolia tree outside of blue house with black door

Victoria Road is another street with plenty of blooming magnolias

Big magnolia in bloom outside a blue two storey house

The pink magnolias look great against this blue house

Eldon Road

Magnolia in bloom outside a brown brick house with wooden door and planters with flowers

A sunny spot in Eldon Road

Launceston Place

Big pink magnolia flowers arching over a black door in a white house

Pretty in pink in Launceston Road

Pink magnolia flowers with white house in the background

March is magnolia madness time in London

Pink magnolias in front of a white house with a black door

Lovely pink magnolias

Campden Hill Road

Flowering magnolias with row of white houses in the background

Beautiful magnolias in one of London’s most prestigious addresses

Argyll Road

White house steps leading to a black door surrounded by a pink flowering camellia and a pink flowering magnolia

Surrounded by pink blooms

Big magnolia tree with abundant pink flowers outside a white house

The most beautiful magnolia tree in London?

Magnolia trees in bloom with ivy growing on the trunk with white house in the background

Magnolias and ivy

Big flowering magnolia outside a large white house

Another magnificent magnolia in bloom in Argyll Road

Phillimore Gardens

Vibrant pink magnolias flowers in front of a black door with two big black planters either side

Vibrant pink magnolias

Addison Road

Flowering magnolia tree in a garden with brick house with balcony

It may look like the countryside but this is London

Magnolia tree framing a white lattice balcony on a brick house

Magnolias and lattice balconies

Holland Park Avenue

Magnolia tree outside cream coloured house with blue door and terracotta pots

Pink and blue

Magnolia tree in flower outside cream house with blue door

Big light pink blooms

Notting Hill

Portland Road

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Lansdowne Road

Cherry Blossoms in London

From April

Cherry blossom or sakura make London a lovely place to be in the spring. Granted, it’s not as famous as Tokyo or South Korea, but London’s sakura is a reminder to everyone that spring is most definitely here and it’s not long before summer arrives too. It brings a smile to people’s faces.

Here are the best places to see cherry blossom in London.

Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill

Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill are very leafy neighbourhoods, so you will pretty much find that from mid-February the streets are starting to bloom. If you keep going back through the months, you will see the blossoms change from early cherry blossom, to magnolia, back to cherry blossom and the last wave of colour is another spectacular bloom of which I talk more below.

Real people live in these streets
. Please be mindful and respectful of their properties and keep your voice down to avoid disrupting when taking photos outside any of these houses.

Glebe Place, Chelsea

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Redcliffe Road, Chelsea

Hillgate Place, Notting Hill

Kensington Park Gardens, Notting Hill

St Paul’s Cathedral

There are a couple of trees by St Paul’s Cathedral that are great to frame the building’s impressive dome. Just stand under the tree and look up!

Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair

Mount Street Gardens are a true hidden gem in the middle of Mayfair, and despite it being a small park, the sakura here are pretty spectacular. Possibly the ‘fullest’ and ‘fluffiest’ cherry blossoms I’ve seen in London.

Herne Hill

This neighbourhood in South London has become a bit of a cherry blossom destination. Stradella Road and Winterbrook Road are two residential streets that are lined up with pale pink sakura and it’s a lovely sight.

Cherry blossom tree with row of red brick houses in the background

Cherry blossom in Herne Hill

Bear in mind that weather patterns may make trees flower early or late, so keep an eye out on places like Instagram to find out what the blooms in London are doing.

Have I left out any good spots to see the blooms in London?
Let me know in the comments!

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A big thank you to my friends @veevs for her patience while I hunted down the blooming trees in London, and @sparrowinlondon for acting as my ‘London in Bloom Consultant’.

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    This makes me want to move NOW! It’s just too pretty <3

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      You’ll have to come and spend some time in London and experience spring here. It’s the best place to be! 😄

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    This looks like heaven! We see magnolias here in upstate NY but this is just magical. Added to my flower bucket list!

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      This year it’s been amazing! It’s a shame they don’t last very long.

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    Ferne Arfin


    Great post but you missed one of the best. Redcliffe Road off the Fulham Road in Chelsea is completely lined with Cherry trees and should be a sea of pink with a carpet of pink soon after. Usually happen end of April or beginning of May but with the weather so weird, who knows.

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      Redcliffe Road is a such a beautiful street! 😍


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