Where to see cherry blossoms in the world

All over the world the arrival of spring is celebrated in a lot of different and spectacular ways. But nature has the most beautiful way of celebrating by putting up a show for us. Spring is cherry blossom time, and with it time to come out of hibernation. Here are some of the best places where to see cherry blossoms around the world.

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Where to see cherry blossoms in Europe

London, England

By Teresa from Brogan Abroad

When people think of London they tend to think about a grey rainy city, but the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, it does rain and the sun doesn’t shine as often as in countries like Greece or Spain, but spring tends to be full of colour. This colour is highlighted by a variety of blooming trees such as early blooming cherry blossoms in February, magnolias in March, late blooming cherry blossom in April and wisteria in May. So there really is no shortage of a blooming season in London.

But let’s focus on the cherry blossoms here. The best places to see cherry blossoms in London are West London. The areas of Kensington and Chelsea, Notting Hill and Holland Park burst into full colour in the spring. Just get lost around the backstreet and I can guarantee you will find flowering cherry blossom trees everywhere. Other areas worth visiting for cherry blossoms are by St Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich Park and Ravenscourt Park in Hammersmith. If you find yourself in South London, head to Herne Hill, where you can find a couple of residential streets where blooms are pretty spectacular.

London is a fantastic city in any season, but spring is certainly the best time if you love being surrounded by flowers and all sorts of blossoming trees, particularly cherry blossom.


Where to See Cherry Blossom in London (And When)

Cardiff, Wales

By David from Delve into Europe 

Park with a castle in the background and magnolia tree in bloom in the foreground

One of the best places we’ve ever seen for spring flowers and cherry blossoms is our former home city, Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

It usually gets a thorough soaking over the winter months, so when the sun emerges and the weather warms up, the grass is a vivid bright green and spring flowers are in bloom everywhere. 

Cardiff has many great parks, and two of the best places to see the spring flowers – daffodils followed by tulips – and the cherry blossom are close to the city centre. Bute Park lies between the exuberant Gothic fantasy of Cardiff Castle and the River Taff, and a row of cherry blossom and magnolia trees sits right in front of the Castle as you walk through the Park.

Cathays Park is a five-minute walk away, and this also has amazing cherry blossom displays in the springtime. It’s behind the lovely white stone of the Edwardian City Hall and close to the elegant main Cardiff University building. The spring colours around the War Memorial are especially beautiful, and always draw photographers and Instagrammers.

The cherry blossom trees are in abundance all around Cardiff for a few weeks – usually late March to mid-April – and other places to track them down include Waterloo Gardens, the Flower Gardens of Roath Park and the grounds of Llandaff Cathedral.

Dublin, Ireland

By Nils from Let’s Go Ireland 

Pink cherry blossoms trees in a park  with a fountain in a crossing of paths

Believe it or not, although Dublin in Ireland is sometimes called ‘The Big Smoke’, it is actually a really green city and thus perfect to view some great cherry blossoms. These can be found in Dublin’s many parks, such as St. Stephen’s Green, Herbert Park or the Phoenix Park, which is one of the largest enclosed public parks in an European capital city. 

In April or early May, the cherry trees finally begin to bloom and are thus the real harbingers of spring for the Irish capital. Great news for anybody who likes to travel before the crowd-filled peak season: Spring is the best time to explore Dublin.

If you would like to indulge in some of Ireland’s cultural heritage and cherry blossoms at the same time, then visit Trinity College Dublin. Trinity College is not only the home of the world-renowned Book of Kells, but College Green also offers beautiful displays of cherry blossoms.

Paris, France

By Sophie from Solo Sophie

Cherry Blossom branches in the foreground with a view of Paris in the background with Eiffel Tower in the horizon

If you’re looking for a gorgeous European destination in which to enjoy the cherry blossom season, you simply must head to the City of Light, AKA Paris. After all, the city is not only well known for its wide boulevards, picture perfect cafés, and wealth of famous monuments but throughout the French capital, you’ll soon discover a plethora of spaces in which to enjoy beautiful spring blossoms.

The best places to see cherry blossom in Paris include the little square in front of the bibliophile’s dream Shakespeare and Co. and in Parc Buttes Chaumont, a sprawling green space in the 19th arrondissement. Though the season for spying these flowers changes year in, year out and is entirely weather dependent, blossoms typically start during Mid March and go on through until the end of April. In order to gauge exactly when the season will be, I highly recommend hopping onto a social media channel (Instagram is my platform of choice) and searching through the geotags for Paris as people tend to post pictures of the blossoms quite literally as soon as they bloom!


10 Best Spring Destinations in Europe

Haspengouw, Belgium

By Marlo from Along Came An Elephant 

Aerial view of woman in red walking between rows of cherry blossom trees

Even though the Haspengouw region in Belgium can be considered the largest fruit orchard in Western Europe, it has managed to stay relatively under the travel radar of most international visitors. Its perfect conditions to grow apple, pears and cherries make it one of the most ideal places in Europe to be submerged in white and pink carpets of flowers. At Borgloon, the epicentre for blossom spotting in Belgium, you can enjoy dedicated blossom trails by foot and by bike, as well as carefully planted pieces of art like “reading between the lines”, a peekaboo church hidden between the orchards. 

April is the month to see the blossom magic happen: the pink cherry flowers are the first to cover the countryside landscape, followed by the white pear and apple blossoms, creating an enchanting fairytale scenery. Don’t miss the pop-up blossom bars sprinkled along the hiking and biking trails – offering all types of delicious Belgian beers and local delicacies. 

Jerte Valley, Spain

By Inma from A World To Travel

Cherry blossom arching over a path in the countryside in Spain

The official and most up-to-date information on the state of flowering of the cherry trees in Valle del Jerte is provided by the Tourism Office of Valle del Jerte every year – so if you are interested in visiting this area to appreciate this phenomenon I recommend that you visit their website. I can tell you that it normally does not occur uniformly: thus, the lowest and warmest area of the valley blooms first and then, the flowering of the cherry trees progresses until it occurs in the highest and coldest areas of the Valley of Jerte.

The Cherry Blossom Festival of the region celebrates the almost simultaneous flowering of more than a million cherry trees that cover the terraced landscape with a white blanket. This celebration happens across different towns of the Jerte Valley (famous for its Devil Pools). And everyone knows Spanish people know how to put together a great celebration!

After those days, other spring colours will start. After losing flowers and leaves, the white of the cherry trees will give way to the green of chestnuts and oaks, heathers will bring out the violets, broom will follow with yellow and finally, the cherry trees will bring out the red of their cherries. Isn’t nature wonderful?

Madrid, Spain

By Rai from A Rai of Light

Branch of white cherry blossoms with a large pond in the background

My time in Madrid was a highlight of my travels in the Schengen area, and having visited during the spring season I was fortunate to observe the cherry blossoms burst into life, creating a beautiful sight around the city.

Parque Quinta de los Molinos is probably the best place to witness this spectacle, among the handful of other options around that include Parque del Retiro, Esta es Una Plaza and Calle Miguel Servet.

This historic park, found in the eastern part of the metropolis, highlights hundreds of blossoming cherry trees that make for a cool refuge from the bustle of the city. It is also a popular spot for lunch breaks and it’s easy to get here by taking line 5 and getting off at Suanzes station.

Normally, the cherry blossoms make an appearance in March with the blooming season being very short, lasting for just about a few weeks.


10 Best Spring Destinations in Europe

Prague, Czech Republic

By Veronika Primm from Travel Geekery

Pink cherry blossom trees next to a grand building wall

Prague looks magical when the cherry trees blossom. In the last years, plenty of Japanese Sakura trees have been planted around the city, which then turn the streets into beautiful pink fluffiness. 

The best time to visit Prague for cherry blossoms is end of April or beginning of May. On the 1st of May, you may even witness couples kissing under the trees, since it’s a Czech tradition.

The timing can vary largely year to year, though. In 2019, the cherries were blossoming already at the beginning of April. For 2020, since the winter has been unusually warm, a similarly early blossoming can be expected.

I love Prague’s Vinohrady district for strolling under cherry trees, especially the Šafaříkova Street. For the highest concentration of the beautiful blossoms, head to Trója. Right next to Prague Zoo is the Trója Chateau surrounded by a Sakura orchard. The gardens are free to visit, but are closed on Mondays.

Poznan, Poland

By Karolina from Lazy Travel Blog

Cherry blossom branches with green park in the background

When you think about viewing cherry blossoms, the first place that comes to your mind is Kyoto, but one does not have to travel all the way to the other side of the world to view the beauty of these dainty blossoms. From March to June, the city of Poznan is decorated with cherry blossoms, adding to the charm of the city’s facade.

Poznan in Poland is one of the best places in Europe to view cherry blossoms. Just 3 hours from the city of Warsaw, Poznan which was once the capital of Poland, is known for its historical monuments, fascinating architecture, and mind blowing art exhibitions. In a city where the aim is to re-establish the connection with nature, it is here that one will find a space that has a balance of city life and nature.

The best place to view these cherry blossoms is the Citadel Park, where the lush scenery creates a contrast with military ruins. Just 2 kilometers from Rynek Square, it will take around 25 to 30 minutes to get there by foot. Another place to catch these delightful blooms is in Poznan’s Botanical Garden.

Stockholm, Sweden

By Ivan from Mind the Travel 

Trees with pink blossom in the background and trees with no leaves in the foreground, with people walking around them

Kungsträdgården behind the Royal Palace is one of the oldest parks in Stockholm, which dates back to the 15th century. Each year when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom in Kungsträdgården, locals and tourists flock there to take pictures of the fluffy pink flowers and to enjoy the first glimpse of spring.

The park consists of four sightseeing areas running north to south, with the northernmost area known only by the presence of the Fountain of Wolodarski, and the other parts commemorating Charles XIII, Molin, and Charles XII.

To the south of the park, there is the Royal Swedish Opera and a bridge to the Old Town and the Royal Palace, two major Stockholm landmarks.

North of Kungsträdgården is a shopping area (Hamngatan), home to elegant NK department store (Nordiska Kompaniet) and plenty of other names that pack a punch. There is a Kungsträdgården Metro station to the east of the park, making it convenient to spend an hour or two exploring the park or just escape for a short stroll and be back in time for dinner.

The Cherry Blossom Day (Körsbärsblommans Dag) is celebrated at the end of April, so the park becomes a party venue for mini shows, workshops, and various performances. Visiting Stockholm in early May means that you might be lucky enough to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival by the Japanese embassy, which offers an amazing chance to feel the Japanese vibe and try yummy Japanese food.


10 Best Spring Destinations in Europe

Budapest, Hungary

By Katalin from Budapest Connection

Pink cherry blossom trees in a park with views over the mountains

Budapest, the capital of Hungary may not be the first destination on your mind if you are interested in seeing cherry blossoms. 

However, if you happen to visit Budapest in the middle of April, you will be amazed by the row of blossoming cherry trees along Tóth Árpád promenade in the  Castle District.

This promenade that has one of the most gorgeous views of Buda originally served military purposes. As its function as a stronghold ceased in the 19th century, trees were planted alongside it. 

In spring the cherry trees are blooming and it shows its most beautiful side but the view is superb all year long: Buda Hills on the right (with the highest hill of Budapest, János Hill with the white structure of the Elisabeth lookout tower on its top). On the left, you can see the Gellért Hill with the Citadel and the Statue of Liberty and some parts of the Buda Castle. 

The promenade has a few benches so grab some delicacies in one of the oldest coffee shops of Budapest, Ruswurm.

Bucharest, Romania

By Ingrid from Ingrid Zen Moments 

Woman dressed in pink standing amongst pink cherry blossom trees in a park

Bucharest, Romania might not be on many people’s travel lists, especially when thinking about cherry blossom destinations. But let me surprise you and tell you this might be one place in Europe you want to put on your spring destinations list.

Strolling on the streets of Bucharest in March will enchant you with the countless pink magnolias, while only a few weeks later, in April cherry blossoms will take the magnolia’s place.

There’s one place no one in love with cherry blossoms should miss: The Japanese Garden in Herastrau Park. A small corner of paradise and tranquility in the heart of a hectic town. You’ll just maybe want to come in early in order to avoid the crowds and take some great pictures. 

Tbilisi, Georgia

By Emily from Wander-Lush

White cherry blossoms in the foreground and remains of a painted church in the background

Spring is one of the best times to visit Tbilisi, Georgia – not least of all because of the wildflowers that come into bloom to coincide with Easter. Tbilisi is truly a city where east meets west, and a great example of this is seeing the city’s grand European architecture contrasted with blooming cherry blossom trees.

 In the city, you’ll find a small collection of Sakura inside the National Botanical Garden of Georgia. This ornamental garden was purpose-built to showcase the beauty of cherry blossoms, and a dozen or so trees were brought over from Japan with help from the Japanese government. It’s small, but very beautiful. 

You can also find pink and white cherry blossoms growing wild in the countryside around the city. One of the best things to do at this time of year is take a day trip from Tbilisi to David Gareja, an incredible monastery complex hewn from a rocky cliff on the Georgia-Azerbaijan border. As you walk the trail between the caves and niches, you’ll see many cherry blossom trees clinging to the rocks. The delicate flowers combined with the colours of the iconographic frescoes is a truly beautiful sight.


10 Best Spring Destinations in Europe

Where to see cherry blossoms in North America

New York City, USA

By Serena from Serena’s Lenses

Cherry Blossom branches in the foreground and two skyscrapers in the background in New York City

It may be surprising to some but New York City is a fantastic place to see the cherry blossom in the spring. Many parks in New York City have planted cherry blossom trees and in the month of April (usually mid to late April), these beautiful flowers bloom and create a sea of pink.

The top places to see cherry blossom in New York City include Central Park, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, New York Botanic Garden and Roosevelt Island. There is an annual Cherry Blossom Festival in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden that celebrates Japanese culture with numerous activities under these sakura trees. Central Park is another popular location to see both cherry blossom and magnolias because it is easier to get to compared to the other locations and you can row a boat while enjoying the cherry blossom. 

Regardless of where you go in New York City parks you will need to arrive early to avoid the crowds, especially on the weekend. I do recommend that you bring a picnic blanket and picnic under the cherry blossom trees just like the Japanese do in Japan!

Buffalo, NY – USA

By Katie from Katie de Tar

Classical Greek-style building with people sitting in front of it enjoying the sunny weather, and cherry blossom branches in the foreground

Buffalo is a city of surprises. This western New York State city, nearby to Niagara Falls, boasts impressive historic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes and historic sites, dozens of craft breweries, world-class dining, and an impressive collection of art galleries. The Lake Erie waterfront includes miles of public walking trails, a festive boardwalk, boating options and a naval museum.

Frederick Law Olmstead, famed designer of New York City’s Central Park, also made his mark in Buffalo – designing numerous city parks including Delaware Park, just north of downtown.  Each spring, the park blooms with cherry blossoms, especially in the lakefront Japanese garden. During the first weekend in May, the park hosts the Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival featuring family activities, a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, crafts, live music, and dance presentations. 

While visiting the park, be sure to tour the Buffalo History Museum (with free admission during the Cherry Blossom Festival) and enjoy a lakeside lunch on the patio at the Terrace at Delaware Park restaurant. And for another view of the spring blooms, rent a rowboat on Hoyt Lake and relax on the water.

Washington DC, USA

By Kat from Crunchy Kat Explores 

Large lake with a small building on the other side of the water, and cherry blossom branches in the foreground

When you think of cherry blossoms, you probably think of Japan. But in my (very biased) opinion, Washington DC in the spring should be on everyone’s bucket list to witness the cherry blossoms in peak bloom. 

The cherry blossoms first came to Washington DC in 1912 from Japan as a gift of friendship. The 3,000 plus trees were planted along the Tidal Basin and East Potomac Park. And now, over 100 years later, 1.5 million people make the trip to the nation’s capital every year to walk amongst the cherry blossoms. The National Cherry Blossom Festival occurs for three weeks every year from late March to early April.

While the most iconic place to visit is the Tidal Basin surrounded by all the monuments (and I do highly recommend spending some time here!), there is a little hidden gem tucked away in Northeast DC that is home to more than 30 varieties of cherry trees where you don’t have to fight Disney-level crowds – the National Arboretum! 

The National Arboretum is more than 400 acres and offers a much more serene experience to flower-peeping. Not only that, but the 30 varieties of cherry trees bloom over a wider range of time so if you’re coming in from out of town and booked in advance, you have a great chance of seeing peak bloom of one of the varieties there!

Philadelphia, PA – USA

By Neha from Travel Melodies 

People picnicking amongst two large rows of white cherry blossom trees in a park

What comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about cherry blossom in the US? Washington DC, of course. But you will be surprised when you visit cherry blossom in Philadelphia. In fact, the Subaru Cherry Blossom Festival of Greater Philadelphia is celebrated annually during spring for a week with events and festivities celebrating the Japanese culture of cherry blossom viewing, called Hanami.

The Japanese government gifted 1,600 cherry trees to Philadelphia in 1926 to commemorate 150 years of Independence that were planted in the Fairmount Park area. With the advent of spring, the cherry flowers start to blossom, and the entire Fairmount Park is covered in a beautiful blanket of white and pink. Stop by the green areas and enjoy a picnic by the stellar views of cherry blossoms.

The best places to see the cherry blossoms and enjoy the Japanese events is the Fairmount Horticulture Center and the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden. The highlight of the festival is the Sakura Sunday which is celebrated with traditional Japanese dances, food, tea and many activities for the entire day. The one-day ticket for the festival is USD 10 – USD 15 for an Adult, while children 12 years and below are free. Book in advance online to save.

Other great places to enjoy the blossoms without spending any penny are by both the sides of Schuylkill River. Drive or walk along the Kelly Drive or the Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and be mesmerized by the cherry blossom.

Macon, GA – USA

By Jan from The Travel 100

Park with path lined up by white cherry blossom trees and fountain at the end of the path

It all started with one tree. In 1949 real estate magnate Walter A. Fickling, Sr. noticed an unfamiliar pink tree in his backyard in Macon, Georgia. During a visit to Washington D.C. a few years later he learned it was a Yoshino cherry tree. He began to propagate the trees, distributing them throughout the city.

Macon, located about 85 miles south of Atlanta, now has more than 350,000 spectacular cherry trees, earning it the title of Cherry Blossom Capital of the World.

Blooms begin to peak the second week of March and last around 10 days. Visit during the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival, the “pinkest party on Earth,” normally taking place from March 27-April 5 (dates may vary each year). The festival features free nightly concerts, rides, parade, open air market, wiener dog race and a Cherry Blossom Riding Trail Tour.

San Diego, CA – USA

By Priya from Outside Suburbia

Lady standing by a fence looking at a cherry blossom tree in the park

You probably didn’t think you could find Cherry Blossoms in the US West Coast! If you are in San Diegoduring spring, you can’t miss visiting the Japanese Friendship garden in Balboa Park. Balboa Park is around 100 years old and one of our first stops anytime we are in San Diego. It is one of the largest urban parks and perfect for a romantic stroll through the Spanish-style buildings and gardens and for visiting the many museums.

During spring when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom it is such a pretty sight to see! The pink blooms in the serene landscape dotted with rocks and bridges is as tranquil as it gets. These little flowers know to put on a show… they are breathtaking! You can stop at the adjacent Japanese Tea house or any of the many stores around for some refreshments or you can bring a picnic to enjoy.

After that you can visit the blooming Flower Fields in the North coast.  Located in Carlsbad, the colourful tecolote ranunculus puton quite a show on this patch of hilly land along with rose gardens, orchids and other spring flowers. There is even a sweet pea maze and an American Flag thanks to strategically placed patches of pansies.  Best time to visit is March through April.

Salem, OR – USA 

By Nikki from Attractions of America

Landscaped gardens with daffodils in the foreground, cherry blossom trees and a capitol building in the background

Salem is the capital of Oregon and the state’s second largest city. The rich cultural diversity and heritage of the city led to establishing lots of events and festivals all year.

Salem is sister cities with Kawagoe City in Japan, forming a close relationship from education to culture. One of the ways that Salem showcases the Japanese heritage locally is with Cherry Trees.

The best time to see the trees in full bloom occurs during the Spring – late March or early April. 

Catch the cherry blossoms in Salem at the perfect moment, and you’ll be welcomed with sights of white and pink flowers covering rows of trees – take in the scents of the fresh aroma created by the newly blossomed trees. 

The best place to see the cherry blossoms is at the State Capitol Park. The site hosts an annual Cherry Blossom Day Festival to celebrate the cherry blossoms – the community can enjoy family activities, learn about Japanese culture and the importance of cherry trees, and view performances.

State Capital Park includes two rows of cherry trees on either side, extending multiple blocks for beautiful scenery.

Visitors can also see several bunches of the trees planted in front of the State Capitol Building and the Capitol Mall, all included as part of the Capitol grounds. Various streets around the city also feature the trees, but not in large clusters to get the full effect of the beautiful blooms.

Vancouver, Canada

By Sarah and Nathan from Discover the Pacific Northwest

Tree branches covered in pink cherry blossom

After the traditionally wet, grey winter months Vancouverites celebrate the arrival of spring along with 40,000 plus cherry blossom trees that bloom pink and white all over the city. Many residential streets are lined with the flowering trees making for magical strolls beneath a pastel canopy. Some of the best streets and neighborhoods include the Burrard Street Skytrain Station, West 22nd Ave, West 16th Ave, West 7th Ave, Marinaside Cr, Nelson St in the West End and multiple places in the neighborhood of Kitsilano.

Vancouver’s beloved parks also have an abundance of blooms including Queen Elizabeth, Van Dussen, and Stanley Park as well as the serene Nitobe Memorial Garden at UBC. The west coast city so loves its cherry blossoms that there is even a festival to welcome these little beauties. From late March to late April Vancouver celebrates with concerts, special park events, picnics, cycling routes, and even nighttime galas.

Toronto, Canada

By Daisy from Beyond My Border

Cherry Blossom branches with CN Tower and a street light in the background

Toronto is one of the best cities to visit in Canada. With vast greenery and gorgeous waters, the modernity of the city can be enjoyed with lots of natural escapes. 

One such scenic setting that shouldn’t be missed is the cherry blossoms during the peak of Spring. Between late April and early May is the best time to go cherry blossom viewing in Toronto. Depending on the weather, this sight may last between four to ten days.

The best place to do the viewing is along Grenadier Pong in High Park. High Park sits quietly by Bloor Street, bridging the buzzing Toronto city life and the peaceful Lake Ontario. Wandering the park during springtime is an absolute must. The pale pink and baby white flower buds contrast beautifully with the blue sky and green surrounding. Try to go on a weekday, when there aren’t too many people around.

Ontario, Canada

By Lindsay from I’ve Been Bit! Travel Blog

Image of green cherry blossom flowers

Did you know that there are cherry blossoms that have light green/yellow flowers instead of pink or white? If not, don’t worry as not only are they rare here in Canada, they’re rare in Japan as well! As far as I know there’s just one of these Prunus ‘Asagi’ trees in the entire country. I’d say that’s just one great reason why you should plan a visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario!

As the only botanical garden with a royal declaration in Canada, you know you’re in for a real treat. The Royal Botanical Gardens have over 2,400 acres with their gorgeous cherry trees scattered throughout.

While I recommend planning a visit to experience as much of the property as possible, if you’re solely looking to see these ephemeral blossoms, I recommend heading to the Arboretum. Here you’ll find a flowering circle of trees and one of my favourite places to see cherry blossoms in Ontario. You’ll also see crab apples, lilacs, magnolias and more!

Where to see cherry blossoms in Asia

Osaka, Japan

By James from Travel Collecting

Osaka in Japan is one of the best places in the world to see cherry blossoms. The peak time for most blossoms is early April, though different varieties and altitude can mean there are blooms before and after this in some places. One of the top spots is Osaka-jo Castle. The traditional Japanese castle makes a wonderful backdrop for the hundreds of cherry blossoms (sakura) in front of the castle.  

About 40 minutes from Osaka on the JR Kobe train line is another castle – Himeji Castle. This castle, widely considered one of the three most beautiful in the whole country, is often called “White Heron” castle, and the multi-layered white building seems to float like a bird on a pink cloud of sakura flowers in early April.  

My personal favourite, however, is less famous, but well known by local Osaka people. At Shukugawa Park and River, over 1,500 cherry trees line a river and create avenues in the adjacent park. It’s stunning. This is a fun place to see the sakura because there are stalls set up selling sake, beer and snacks. They make a festive atmosphere and supply all you need for a hanami (picnic under the cherry blossoms).

Kyoto, Japan

By Henry and Zory from This Life of Travel

Lady in red dress standing on a small bridge surrounded by cherry blossom

Kyoto has some of the most stunning cherry blossom displays in Japan. They also get extremely crowded due to their popularity. Some of the most popular places to see cherry blossoms are the Kyoto Imperial Palace, the Philosophers Path, Kameyama Park and Marayuma Park.

I do recommend seeing the sakura trees at all these popular locations, but some of best cherry blossoms that you can have to yourself are along the Takase River on Kiyamachi Street. There are some super lush cherry blossom trees with picturesque viewpoints at the crossing points on the street. Most people are headed towards the popular spots, so you’ll have the cherry blossom trees to yourself here! At night, they are illuminated, making for a wonderful experience too.

If you love nature and art, it’s just a short bullet train ride to the surreal Japan Art Islands.

Himeji, Japan

By Alex from Get Out with Kids

Where to see cherry blossoms in the world

If you are looking for some of the best and most expansive cherry blossoms in Japan, I highly recommend a trip to Himeji. Not only is Himeji home to the best preserved feudal castle in Japan, but inside the castle grounds and surrounding the castle are thousands of trees full of cherry blossoms during Spring. Usually this is late March – mid April.

Himeji Park is 107.8 hectares and it’s located in the city of Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture. You can wander through the park free of charge. Or for a small fee, you can gain entrance to Himeji Castle and climb to the top to gaze upon the park and the cherry blossom trees from above.

Himeji is connected to Osaka by the Sanyo Shinkansen line. The bullet train takes about 30 – 40 minutes depending on the service. Once in Himeji, the castle and park are a 20-minute walk along Otemae-dori Street or a five-minute bus ride from Himeji Station.

Nagoya, Japan

By Annemarie from Travel on the Brain

Night photo of Japanese Castle with cherry blossom branches in the foreground

Nagoya is the third largest city in Japan and doesn’t need to hide when it comes to cherry blossom spots. Stroll along the canals – especially Yamazakigawa River – underneath a canopy of light pink and white pedals. Make your way up to Nagoya Castle.

It’s the main cherry blossom spot in and a major attraction of Nagoya. Stroll around the green moats, where you might even spot some cute deer.

Afterwards, enter the castle grounds. Visiting the museum with the fantastic golden room is a great idea as well.

And if you can time your visit with the local cherry blossom festivities, all the better! You get to enjoy traditional music, historic shows and yummy food. The best time to visit Nagoya for the sakura is early April but do check the official sakura report.

Of course, that’s not all! There are parks all over Nagoya and you can be sure to enjoy a beautiful hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in places like Tsuruma Park or Nagoya Peace Park.

Tokyo, Japan

By Matilda from The Travel Sisters

Cherry blossom trees on the edge of a lake reflecting on the water

Tokyo, Japan is one of the best cities in the world to see cherry blossoms (sakura). There are many places in Tokyo where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing (hanami) which involves anything from a relaxing picnic in a park to alcohol-fuelled parties beneath the trees. 

Two of the best spots for cherry blossoms include Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and Ueno Park. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden changes a small admission fee but is a spacious and peaceful spot for a picnic during the day. Ueno Park is one of the most popular and crowded spots in Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms and has more of a party vibe with celebrations continuing into the evening.

The date when the cherry blossoms reach full bloom varies from year to year (usually late March or early April) but there are forecasts to help you plan your trip.  While cherry blossom season is one of the best times to visit Tokyo, it is also one of the most popular times so book your accommodation as early as possible.

Seoul, South Korea

By Mar from Once In A Lifetime Journey

Avenue of cherry blossom along a paved path with four colourful pianos

When people think of Seoul images of a buzzing metropolis with massive skyscrapers usually comes to mind. And they are partially correct. But what many people don’t know is that the capital of South Korea is actually filled with the most spectacular nature. In fact, most of South Korea is covered in hills, which makes for some of the most gorgeous hiking routes that are also safe and usually busy. 

When you’re seeking out a place to look at the budding cherry blossoms in the metropolis, two places come to mind. The first and probably most popular is strolling along the expansive Yeouido Park along the Han River. Yeouido is the financial district of Seoul, like New York’s Wall Street that has some wonderful sites like the 63 Building. But in Spring the cherry blossoms bloom, making for a very romantic scene. The second place is Kyung Hee University in Dongdaemun with its epic gothic architecture, which enhances the romance once the cherry blossoms are out. Walking along the Cheonggyecheon River in the centre of Seoul is also a good option for those with little time. The cherry blossoms in Seoul usually start blooming around early April.

Jinhae, South Korea

By Jess from Unearth the Voyage

Train approaching on railway tracks with cherry blossom trees on both sides

One of the best places to see cherry blossoms in the world is at the Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival in Korea. The festival has a concentration of over 300,000 cherry blossoms in the Jinhae area, making this festival one for the books!

During the festival, an estimated 2 million people make their way to Jinhae to see the beautiful blossoms. The festival happens most often at the end of March/beginning of April- but is different each year as the cherry blossoms bloom at different times every year. Make sure you check out when the festival is happening before you plan your trip.

At the festival, there are a couple of areas on the do-not-miss list. The first one is the Romance Bridge, a great place to go to admire the reflection of the cherry blossoms in the stream. The next best place to go is to Gyeonghwa Station where you can watch the train roll in and all the cherry blossoms ruffle in the wind. You should also make sure you stay after dark as the lights illuminating the cherry blossoms make them even more beautiful than during the day.

Gyeongju, South Korea

By Lilia from Creative Adventourista

Road lined up by trees covered in pink cherry blossom

Gyeongju is a relatively small yet beautiful city in South Korea. It was once the capital of the longest ruling ancient kingdom, Silla. Today, Gyeongju is home to countless remnants of those glorious days. No matter where you go in the city, you’ll encounter something which will connect you to its history.

In spring, tourists come to Gyeongju, not only to see the historical places in Gyeongju, but also to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms along the roads of the city. While it is possible to see cherry blossoms everywhere, the best places for walking and taking photographs are Daereungwon Tomb Park, Bomun Lake Tourist Complex, Bomun Pavilion, and Bulguksa Temple.

The best time to visit Gyeongju for the cherry blossoms is around the last week of March to the first week of April. The donarium cherry blossoms at Bulguksa usually bloom around mid-April or a week later.

If running a marathon is your cup of tea, you can sign up for the Annual Gyeongju Cherry Marathon.

Gyeongju is a hidden gem filled with many wondrous historic sites and they are all outdoors amongst the cherry blossoms.  It is definitely worth visiting, not only in spring but all-year-round.

Taipei, Taiwan

By Kylie from Our Overseas Adventures

Pretty pink cherry blossom flowers with blue sky in the background

Taipei in Taiwan is a great place to see cherry blossoms, and an earlier plus cheaper alternative to Japan! The best time to see them is from late January through to March. Our favourites were the beautiful blooms at Xiangshan Park near the base of the Elephant Mountain trail. In early February, the trees there are easily accessible and a great spot to grab a photo before you climb the hill.

We also loved the blossoms at Zhinan Temple, reached by a gondola ride on the way up to the tea plantations at Maokong. The pastel pink of the fragile flowers is a stark contrast to the lush green of the forest and tea fields – it makes for stunning photos. Cherry blossom spotting is a fun thing to do in Taipei with kids as there are plenty of them in the local playgrounds. 

Out further from the city, some of the best places to see the blossoms include Yangminshan National Park, where you’ll find a stunning display of all kinds of flowers in addition to the five storeys high Wuji Tianyuan Temple, also known as the Temple of Heaven in New Taipei City.

Shillong, India

By Amrita and Agni from Tale of 2 Backpackers

Cherry blossom tree in a green park with pink and white fairy lights nearby

The Cherry Blossom Festival in Shillong in India is relatively new. The place has been hosting the Indian International Cherry Blossom Festival since 2016 during the month of November. The speciality of the cherry blossom in Shillong is that it is held in autumn and is touted to be the only autumn cherry blossom festival in the world.  

The festival is organized by the Government of Meghalaya, who planted around 5,000 cherry trees across various locations. There is a target to plant 20,000 more trees! The Cherry Blossom festival is not only about the blossoms, but also an endeavour to celebrate the culture of the place. Rock music, traditional and folk songs and dances, indigenous sports, fashion shows, storytelling, local cuisines and much more are a part of the festival.

The places where you should be during the festival are the Wards Lake, Lady Hydari Park and Polo Ground in Shillong. These are the places where the actions take place. You can also see the flowering cherry blossom trees at Umiam Lake and Mawphlang. Though this 4-day festival takes place during the first week of November, you should head to Shillong any time during November to see the blossoms in full bloom.

Where to see cherry blossoms in Oceania

Sydney, Australia

By Rajlakshmi from Pixelated Tales

Red Japanese gate with a Japanese sign and pink cherry blossom trees behind it

Every year the Auburn Botanic Garden hosts the largest cherry blossoms festival in Sydney, Australia. Starting mid-August, the festival goes on for 9 days. Here you can walk under a canopy of stunning cherry blossoms while admiring other gorgeous spring blooms that grow in this excellently maintained garden.

Music and Japanese dance performances electrify the atmosphere and you can further enliven your taste buds from an assortment of Japanese food sold at trucks. In 2019, Masterchef Australia winner Adam Liaw created a Cherry Blossom Festival Bento box for the occasion. You can also participate in cosplay and dress up as your favorite manga character. 

The garden has a beautiful picnic area where you can lay down a mat under cherry blossom trees and enjoy your own homemade picnic basket with family and friends. One of the major attractions is the Japanese Garden, featuring a beautiful lake, surrounded by various flora and fauna. Apart from the cherry blossoms, you can also enjoy a stroll in the rose garden, scented garden and Australian native and rainforest garden.

Entry Fee – Free for kids under 15 and Cumberland residents. $10 AUD for adults but discounted early bird tickets are available too.

Car parking is available but during the festival, it becomes extremely difficult to find a parking spot near the garden. Also, consider waiting time at the food stalls during peak days.

Address: Auburn Botanical Garden, Chiswick Rd, Auburn NSW 2144

Christchurch, New Zealand

By Martina from The Global Curious

Path parallel to a road lined up with while cherry blossom trees

The obvious place that comes to mind when cherry blossom enthusiasts start planning a holiday is, by all means, Japan. And even though no one is going to debate the staggering beauty of the Japanese Hanami, Christchurch is quite a worthy contender!

With Spring hitting the calendar in September, visitors planning a trip to New Zealand’s South Island around this time of the year should set aside time to wander around North Hagley Park, Oxford Terrace, and the Botanical Gardens. All these areas are walking distance from each other, and belong to Central Christchurch. 

The most fantastic display of cherry blossoms happens in Hagley Park, where dozens of Yoshino Cherry trees lean towards the pedestrian paths, creating stunning sheltered corridors! However, just by walking around town or suburban areas like Riccarton, visitors will get the hang of how important the cherry blossom season is. 

To ensure you’ll get to see the blossoming in its prime, it’s better to visit around mid-September. Of course, a week before or after will be fine, but as it depends on the weather, mid-September would be the safest bet! 

Have I left out any good spots around the world where to see cherry blossoms? 
Let me know in the comments!


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Where to see cherry blossoms around the world

Where to see cherry blossoms around the world

Where to see cherry blossoms around the world

Where to see cherry blossoms around the world

Where to see cherry blossoms around the world

Where to see cherry blossoms around the world




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