Bucharest Romania Architecture Window

Have you ever been blown away by a destination in an unexpected way? Bucharest did that for me. I didn’t know much about it or what to expect before I visited, and I think that is part of the reason why this city is still undiscovered. But it deserves so much more recognition!

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Bucharest has a lot to offer. From beautiful historic buildings, to hidden ‘secret alleys’, beautifully designed shops, quirky museums, an emerging coffee and foodie scene, and the craziest nightlife. Bucharest has got it all, if you ask me.

I think it’s a shame that not more people know about this exciting city – I was one of them until recently. Bucharest is sadly not a city that people think of as a top European destination. But I have the feeling that this is about to change. Bucharest is ready to welcome the world!

Here are my top picks for those all important Instagram shots you will want to take when you visit.

Pasaj Victoria

Bucharest is full of secret passages that are hidden away from the main roads. You will often see an archway in the middle of a building leading to a little alley. Don’t be afraid to explore these passageways, you might find a little surprise! Pasaj Victoria is one of those surprises, a little alley covered with rainbow umbrellas, perfect for that photo opportunity.


Carturesti Carusel

Possibly the most photogenic space in Bucharest. This beautifully-designed bookshop is not only a bookworm’s paradise, but it is instagrammer heaven. The light is really bright and reflects off the white 3-level balconied shop, with its lovely classical style columns and dreamy spiral staircases that take you directly to the first floor balcony. There is also a gift and clothing store in the basement and a sweet little bistro on the top floor.


Palace of the Parliament

The sheer size of the Palace of the Parliament is the first thing everyone sees. It’s the second largest building in the world and can be seen from the moon! But what’s special about this colossal palace is not just its size. You can visit the interior as part of a tour, where you will walk through a series of incredible rooms, including the Senate Plenary Room with its beautiful domed stained glass ceiling.

Bucharest Romania Palace Parliament


Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse

This arcaded passageway is another one of those hidden alleys. In fact, it’s two alleys that join in at one end. This beautiful almost-Parisian arcade is covered by a glass roof that allows the natural light to come through. Both passages are lined by café bars where you can watch the world go by while you smoke a shisha (if that’s your thing).


Romanian Athenaeum

A grand building with an even grander interior, the Romanian Athenaeum is a concert hall built in the late 19th century. It is considered a symbol of Romanian culture. The main hall has an impressive circular colonnade and two spiral staircases, and the auditorium has an incredibly ornate domed ceiling.


Cantacuzino Palace

One of the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest, the Cantacuzino Palace houses the George Enescu National Museum. The museum displays photographs, manuscripts and personal objects of the composer and musician. But the feature that stands out above everything, is its sumptuous Art Nouveau style entrance.


Abandoned Buildings of Bucharest

Because of its recent communist and post-communist history, Bucharest has a high number of abandoned historical buildings and post-industrial factories. But they are not safe to visit on your own. In order to explore them, book the Beautiful Decay tour with Interesting Times. They’ll be able to take you places that are normally out of bounds to the general public.

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We found this hidden gem when exploring the less known parts of Bucharest with @bucharesturbanadventures at #ExperienceBucharest ⠀ Sometimes it really pays to go with a local! I loved how they showed us so many different sides of this City of Contrasts. Bucharest exceeded all my expectations and it's mainly thanks to the incredible team of @experience_bucharest⠀ ⠀ What about you – what was the best guided tour experience you ever had?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #presstrip #romania #romaniapitoreasca #topromaniaphoto #discoverbucharest #bucharest #visitromania #igersbucharest #igersromania #ig_romania #bucuresti #iloveromania #hiddengems #hiddentreasures #LocalsKnow #travelwithaninsider #letsgoeverywhere #staircase #decay #hiddengem #traveldeeper #forbestravelguide #lpfanphoto #lppathfinders

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Mogoşoaia Palace

Ok, this one is not strictly in Bucharest, but it’s only 10 kms away and it’s worth the trip. Mogoşoaia is an 18th century palace in the Brâncovenesc style, the Romanian Renaissance style. Its unique architecture and its beautiful gardens make this palace a great destination for beautiful photos.

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Have you ever been totally blown away by a city? That's how we felt about Bucharest when we visited for the first time in 2014. When Katie returned to the city for a visit last week, the feeling only grew!⠀ ⠀ Bucharest is happening right now – there's so much going on, and the city centre is changing at warp speed! At the same time, beautiful old parts of the city and area are being preserved, like the Mogoşoaia Palace (pictured) which is a short drive from the city center and a perfect 1/2-day trip!⠀ ⠀ Can't wait to return to Bucharest yet again next month!⠀ ⠀ @experiencebucharest⠀ #experiencebucharest⠀ @urbanadventures ⠀ @bucharesturbanadventures ⠀ @DelishXperience ⠀ @opendoorstravel ⠀ #OpenDoorsTravel

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Arcul de Triumf

You’d be forgiven to think you are in Paris, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Arcul de Triumf is not clogged with traffic and it’s a bit smaller than its Parisian counterpart. Slightly out of town, this arch was built in 1878 in a bit of a hurry after Romania gained its independence, so that victorious troops could march under it.


‘Dimitrie Gusti’ National Village Museum

Right next to the Arcul de Triumf, you will find this open air ethnographic museum that showcases traditional Romanian village life. It has 272 authentic peasant farms and houses, all with their unique architecture adapted to the way of life of each region. All the buildings were moved from their original sites and placed in the museum.


CEC Palace

This palace is an icon in Bucharest’s Old Town. It was built in 1900 as the headquarters of CEC Bank, Romania’s oldest bank. Because of its location, you will see this building over and over again in your explorations of the city. But I can guarantee that you will never get bored of it and will always look at it in awe of its beauty.


Coffee shops

The coffee scene in Bucharest is alive and kicking, and I’m not just talking about instagramming your cup of coffee here. Yes, the coffee is fantastic, but the coffee shops themselves are worth a visit and worth capturing on camera. There are so many with really cool designs that if you want to visit them all you will need a long time, and you’ll need to get a lot of caffeine in you… not necessarily a bad thing.

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Double tap if you like quirky coffee shops. If you're a foodie and a coffee shop lover, you'll love Bucharest. It's full of hidden gems and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get there. Over the past days I basically have been on a food-a-thon, hopping from cafe to cafe and I absolutely loved it! Keep an eye out fory insta stories as I am moving over to Croatia for more explorations. You can enable notifications in the top right hand corner of my insta gallery. But I'd like to know, do you love quirky coffee shops as well? And should I write a blog post about it (would you read it)? _________________ #experiencebucharest #exerienceromania #whereIwalkforCoffee #igromania #bestcafes #topromaniaphoto #puravidaromania #explore_romania #discoverbucharest #entirelifestyle #athomeintheworld #myunicornlife #pursuepretty #darlingmovement #flashesofdelight #ThatsDarling #collectivehub #interiors @coffeeshopsoftheworld #foodheaven #foodstagram #gramoftheday #igdaily #foodiegram #bestcafes #onthetable #bestfashiondaily

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The views from Little Bucharest Hostel

Nestled in the hustle and bustle of the Old Town, Little Bucharest Hostel offers some of the best views over the streets of this beautiful city. Whether you are staying in a dorm or in a private room, every single window in the hostel has views to die for. Even if you are not staying here, go for (at least) one drink and enjoy the views from the bar balcony.

Check Availability at Little Bucharest Hotel

Don’t wait any longer, Bucharest is waiting for you to discover it!

Start Planning Your Trip

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Bucharest Most Instagrammable Spots

Bucharest Most Instagrammable Spots

Bucharest Most Instagrammable Spots

Disclosure: A big thank you to Experience Bucharest, who hosted me during my time in Bucharest. As always, all views are my own.




    • Teresa says:

      Thanks guys! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s quite hard to take a bad photo in Bucharest. Too much beauty around! 🙂

  1. Arabella says:

    Great choice of places and lovely photos. I live 3-4 hrs away from Bucharest, up in the mountains, and rather resent having to come to the capital. But you have inspired me to look a bit deeper and spend a bit of time exploring instead of rushing through appointments and escaping back to my rural paradise… Great for my visitors, too!

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you Arabella! I’m really happy that my post has made you think about Bucharest differently. It’s a good idea to make a day (or two) out having to visit the city for other reasons 🙂

  2. Marius says:

    Great finds and happy to hear you enjoyed our city! Plenty of more hidden spots to find in Bucharest, there wasn’t enough time to take you through everything during ExpBuch. And just wait till you start exploring the countryside and the beautiful region of Transylvania!

    Let me know when you plan on coming back, would be happy to tell you about some cool things to do (check my link for some examples).

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks Marius! I wished I had more time to explore some more of the city when I left. But there will be a next time and I will for sure get in touch when I’m back in the country 🙂

  3. Suze says:

    Wow you really fitted in so many photogenic spots on your trip! I was there years ago for a Killers concert where it poured with rain but I did get to see the National Village Museum the next day. The palace was closed, we peeked in from the outside. Thanks for all the recommendations which I’ll remember if I return

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks Suze. I did not expect to find so many little gems in Bucharest to be honest and I think that if I’d stayed a bit longer I would have found even more! I got great weather so that also helped with the photography 🙂

  4. Alice says:

    I’ve seen your pictures on insta, they’re giving me serious wanderlust!! Bucharest is so lovely and that bookshop….sign me in!!

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you so much Alice! I’m glad you are enjoying my photos 🙂
      Bucharest is definitely worth a visit. As you saw on my post, there are so many cool places to visit!

  5. Travel Textbook says:

    I would absolutely love to visit Bucharest, it looks like a spectacular and interesting city! All of these spots definitely look like they are gram-worthy. The library in particular is gorgeous 🙂


    • Teresa says:

      Thanks Lucy! It’s such an interesting city! It’s full of hidden little gems that you have to search for. It’s almost like a treasure hunt!
      And yes, that library is just a dream ?

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you so much Piia! I’m really happy that you loved them. They are such cool little places. Both a bit of a find! I would have loved to spend more time in Bucharest to uncover more little morsels like these 🙂

  6. Mia says:

    The destinations you’ve shared are absolutelty beautiful, even the abandoned buildings! Thanks for highlighting Bucharest, I’ll be bookmarking your post for sure 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you Mia! I think there is beauty even in decaying places, like the abandoned buildings of Bucharest. It’s a city that is definitely worth a visit 🙂

  7. Jas from My Suitcase Journeys says:

    These spots are all so cute and beautiful!!! I’ve been seeing the umbrella one everywhere on Instagram and was wondering for the longest time where it was. Bookmarked! Now I just need a plane ticket there. Thanks for sharing!

    • Teresa says:

      It’s a real hidden gem isn’t it? Bucharest is such a cool city! Book that plane ticket and I promise you won’t regret it 🙂

  8. Christina says:

    Yes yes yes, you totally nailed it with this one!! While I think that Bucharest isn’t the most photogenic city in the world, there are definitely a fair share of photo opportunities… all of which I think you’ve got on this list. Amazing job! Such a valuable resource for any photographer (or IG addict) 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      Haha. Thanks Christina. I really feel Bucharest has a lot of beauty around but then, I’m a fan of brutalist architecture, and the mix of this with the historic Parisian style is just pure heaven for me 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      I know right? I’m so wanting to go back! I feel like I’ve left so much to do and see there. And yes, agree about the prettiness… it was love at first sight for me! ?

  9. Denisa says:

    Very good ideas even for people who already live in Bucharest! Some of the abandoned buildings are quite difficult to find. I’m really glad that you liked my city and you took such beautiful photos. Do visit us again! 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you Denisa! I’m so happy that you enjoyed my post and photos. I fell head over heels for Bucharest and I will be going back for sure! You are very lucky to live in such an exciting city 🙂

  10. Ruth | Tanama Tales says:

    So many gorgeous places in Bucharest! I have seen how the city is gaining attention lately. I want to visit every country in Europe, so, I had plans to visit sooner or later. It feels great to know you are going to be able to stop by all these beautiful places once you are there.

    • Teresa says:

      Thanks Ruth! I really felt hay Bucharest is the next big thing in Europe while I was there. It’s a really happening city and it has some real hidden gems. I’d highly recommend visiting if you can ?

  11. Karla | KarlaTravels says:


    I didn’t know Bucharest was this beautiful. Now I do thanks to you!

    As an architecture lover, fan of walking tours AND enthusiast coffee drinker, I can only imagine the joy you feel and standing in awe in a city that is not only photogenic but so rich in history and culture!

    Love all the images and the details of the places visited.

    I’m sure I’d go nuts taking pics both with a DSLR and smart phone because there’s no such thing as taking way too many pics right? 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      Haha. You’re so right! And I took lots of photos too! It’s a fabulous city and I really recommend that you visit, armed, as you said, with a DSLR and a smart phone. You won’t be able to stop shooting 🙂

  12. Massimo says:

    Thank you Teresa for your beautiful images and your curiosity, Bucharest is on my “places to go” list and your photos made me quite sure about my next trip… : )

    • Teresa says:

      Thank you Massimo! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! You will not regret making Bucharest your next destination. It’s a wonderful city! 🙂

    • Teresa says:

      Oh fab! I haven’t been to Eden. I’ll make sure I visit it next time I’m in Bucharest and will add it. Unless you’d like to contribute that entry? ?

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