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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your travel-loving significant other? Look no further. Nothing shows that you care about someone more than a thoughtful gift, one that takes into account someone’s passion in life. So if both you and your other half are travel lovers, why not gift each other the beauty of shared experiences and memories? Here are a few ideas for unique Valentine’s gift that will conquer the heart of any travel lover.

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Valentine’s gifts for EVERY travel lover

Before moving on to specific gift ideas for him and for her, let’s start with a few suggestions that would make every travel lover very happy, whether they are male or female. 

The gift of inspiration

All the best adventures start with a bit of inspiration, a moment when you see an image or read about a story that captures your imagination. So why not give a slice of inspiration to your loved one? Whether their dream is to travel to Tenerife or to the Maldives, here are some ideas for coffee table books that both you and your significant other will find yourselves flicking through as you plan your future adventures together.


The perfect way to spend the time on those long journeys or when you are chilling by the pool is by transporting yourself to another adventure in a book. But if you and your loved one are constantly on the road or you just like to pack light, carrying books with you is not always going to be practical. So the next best thing would be something that is portable, doesn’t take much space in your suitcase AND holds an incredible amount of books. A Kindle

Audible subscription

Alternatively, if your travel lover prefers to listen to books instead of reading them, a subscription to Audible is the perfect gift. You can listen to books on your phone, kindle and even laptop. I have recently discovered Audible myself and if my significant other would have given me a subscription for Valentine’s Day I would have been very, very happy.

Adventure Fund

The perfect way to tell your loved one that you want to explore the world with them is by setting up an adventure fund. So how about this cute personalised money box? Make your dream of travelling together true by watching the funds grow.

Personalised hollow framed with Adventure fund and map in the background and a slot to put money inside. The perfect Valentine's Gift for Travel Lovers

Travel experiences

Do you have a holiday or a quick romantic getaway already planned together? Why not add a surprise experience that your other half will never forget, like a romantic dinner in the tropical forests of Bali  or in an idyllic Italian vineyard. Or if you REALLY want to impress, how about a private helicopter tour of New York City? 

Two glasses of white wine with a hibiscus flower next to them and palm trees and see in the background

Here are some other ideas of unforgettable romantic experiences:

Alternatively, you can gift him or her a GetYourGuide Gift Card to be used on your next trip together.

Priority Pass

If your other half enjoys a bit of luxury and comfort, then there’s nothing like starting your travels in style by making airport lounges their first stop on their adventures. Airport lounges costs add up if you use them regularly, so why not give your travel loving partner an annual subscription to Priority Pass, so they can relax and enjoy an exclusive space before setting off. And it includes access for a guest for a small fee too, so you can join him or her! 

Instax Mini Camera

What better way to record your memories together than with a retro inspired instant camera? The Instax Mini 9 Camera is small, cute, and best of all, it’s instant! Collect moments together and immortalise them in those Polaroid-style photos that look so good on your wall or fridge door when you get home. 

GoPro Hero 8

If you are both more into adventure, and active travel is more your thing, the best way to preserve those unforgettable moments is with an action camera like the GoPro Hero 8. Make your other half the happiest memory maker around!


If you want to splurge on your loved one, then a drone is perfect to film all those memories in a cinematic way. And the DJI Mavic Pro is sure to impress! Alternatively, you can go for a smaller version like the lighter and more portable DJI Mavic Mini, which takes incredible aerial photos.

Noise cancelling headphones

Your other half loves travelling comfortably on long journeys, so why not get them some wireless noise cancelling headphones? They are a game changer and they will love you forever. Here is an option for noise cancelling headphones for her and another option for him


If day trips is more your travel loving partner’s thing, then you can’t go wrong with a stylish retro daypack. This 21.5-litre Herschel daypack comes in lots of different colours and it comes with a padded and fleece lined laptop sleeve pocket.

Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

One thing that could ruin your shared adventures is the risk of theft, so you can show your significant other that you care by gifting them an anti theft backpack like this one by Pacsafe.

Personalised weekend or duffel bag

How romantic is it to give your travel loving partner a personalised weekend bag like this one for him

Military green canvas duffel bag with RH embroidered and with leather straps

or like this one for her? Of all the ideas for Valentine’s gifts for travel lovers, this one is possibly my favourite.

Woman holding a grey canvas duffel bag with the name Lauren on the pocket and with a pink ribbon

Memories in print

A great way to commemorate your love for someone is by giving them a print that represents something highly meaningful in your relationship. This could be a map print of the city where you met or proposed, a map of your travels together, or even a print of that special photo of the two of you.

Photo of a couple kissing with heart balloons printed on a wooden panel

Another great idea is to give him or her a frame with map hearts of those significant locations for both of you, like where you first kissed, where you went on your first trip together, or simply their favourite city in the world.

frame with nice heart shaped heart cut outs. the perfect Valentine's gift for travel lovers

Travel Journal

If your travel loving partner also loves journalling, making notes about your joint adventures or even saving travel keepsakes like ticket stubs in one place, then a personalised travel journal is the perfect gift for them. I personally use the Midori Travellers’ Notebook and I’m completely in love with its minimalist yet retro feel. 

Valentine’s gifts for the travel lover in HER

Personalised make up bag

How cute is this personalised canvas make up bag? It’s the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel and make sure still looks good for those all important photo opportunities. The personal touch is sure to be a winner!

Navy blue canvas make up bag with the name Emily painted on it

Luxury Travel Size Toiletries

Travelling doesn’t mean that your significant other has to compromise on her favourite luxury toiletries, so why not treat her to a travel size gift set like these ones by Molton BrownRituals or L’Occitane?

Travel Themed Jewellery

Jewellery is a fail-safe Valentine’s gift for her, and if it’s designed around what she truly loves then you are sure to impress. Travel themed jewellery has been a hit with travel lovers in the last few years, so here are a few ideas:

Sterling silver world map and compass necklace

Personalised travel bracelet 

Plane travel ring

Three necklaces with compass and world map pendants in silver, rose gold and gold colours

And, of course, she is going to need a personalised travel jewellery box

Small pink travel jewellery box with personalised name Sophie on the lid

Valentine’s gifts for the travel lover in HIM

Personalised toiletry bag

This beautiful personalised leather toiletry bag is sure to be a hit with your travel loving partner. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a customised gift. 

Six brown leather toiletry bags arranged on a pyramid with personalised initials

Travel themed watch

A travel themed watch is sure to pull at the strings of his adventurous heart. The vintage design is perfect for those who dream of exploring the world in style. 

Men's watch with a vintage wold map on its face and brown leather straps

Alternatively, how about a personalised wooden watch with his initials and your own message engraved?

Dark wood men's watch with golden handles and roman numbers and engraved with initials and personal message on the back

Customised Morse code bracelet

What could be more special than a bracelet that has a personal message that he can keep close to him that only him will be able to read, like this morse code bracelet? If you are looking for something unique for him, this is it!

Man's wrist wearing a black bracelet with a message in morse code


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20+ Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers

20+ Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers

20+ Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers

20+ Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers

20+ Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers

20+ Valentine's Gifts for Travel Lovers




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    Really a great gifts for Travel lovers. On valentine’s day Makes Someone happy by giving these gifts.

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