Sky Bridge, Langkawi Malaysia

Langkawi is a set of 104 islands, around 30km off the west coast of Malaysia. It’s becoming more popular every year and it’s easy to see why. With incredible beaches, a lively atmosphere at night, a sky bridge that will literally take your breath away, and delicious food, you’ll soon find this idyllic island is one of the most stunning places to visit Malaysia. So here are a few of the top things to do in Langkawi.

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Top Langkawi Attractions

Island Hopping

Island hopping in Langkawi is one of the top things to do in the archipelago, where there are various boat tours you can do. These often go to the Kilim Geoforest Park, a nearby island with a stunning beach, and finally an option to view eagles catching their prey.

Langkawi Eagle Hunting, Malaysia

These are very “organised” which may not suit everyone as you have allotted times in each place. However if you are travelling quickly and want to see as much as possible in a short amount of time, then these tours are ideal. Just a word of warning, the monkeys you encounter on these tours are very mischievous and so keep an eye on your belongings. Ideally, have a backpack with you and keep it on your back at all times with your valuables in it, as sometimes the monkeys will run off with the full contents of a plastic bag! 

Langkawi Island Hopping, Malaysia

Langkawi Sky Bridge and Cable Car

The Sky Bridge is one of the best places to visit in Langkawi and is a sight to behold. It was opened in 2005 and is suspended 660 metres above sea level by a single massive pylon. It’s a curved pedestrian bridge which visitors can walk around and take in the stunning 360-degree views of the Langkawi islands and the Andaman Sea. And if you dare, there are glass floor sections which you can stand on!

Hanging between two mountains above virgin jungle, the Sky Bridge is a must see in the island. To avoid queuing, you can book a private tour that includes tickets here.

Sky Bridge, Langkawi Malaysia

What is maybe arguably even more impressive is the journey up to the Sky Bridge, via the Langkawi Cable Car. This is one of the steepest cable cars in the world, and there will be times that you wonder how it is working on such a steep incline. The views are spectacular here too, and if you’re brave enough, you can do the whole trip in glass bottom gondola! Book your combined tickets here.

The best way to get to the Sky Bridge is by hiring a car or a scooter. It will give you the freedom to explore the rest of the island too.

Langkawi Cable Car, Malsaysia


Langkawi 3D Art Museum – Art in Paradise

While at the area before boarding the cable car, there are many activities, such as play zones, a 4D cinema, but the main attraction is Art in Paradise, the Langkawi 3D Art Museum. It’s one of the largest in the world, with over 100 3D paintings where visitors position themselves in front of so it looks like they are part of the painting or interacting with it. This makes for some great photo opportunities and an excellent way to spend many hours laughing at what pose you will do while pretending to skydive for instance. 

Langkawi 3D Museum, Malaysia

You can also explore the island, go chasing waterfalls (the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls are especially great) and enjoy duty-free shopping. 

Seven Wells Waterfall, Langkawi Malaysia

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Top Langkawi Beaches

Pantai Cenang Beach

This is without a doubt the most popular beach in Langkawi, which is why it’s surrounded by hotels and resorts. But don’t let this put you off. It’s a beautiful long white sand beach so it will ever hardly feel busy. There are lots of watersports activites, beach bars, shops and spas all along the beachside, so there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Pantai Cenang Langkawi Malaysia

Pantai Tengkorak Beach (Sandy Skulls Beach)

Named Sandy Skulls Beach after a local legend, this has to be the most idyllic beach in the Langkawi. It is located in the northern coast of the island, and it is one of the most secluded beaches you will find here. In order to get there you have to go through a parkland with forested trees, and it is a favourite picnic spot for locals.

Sandy Skulls Beach Langkawi, Malaysia

How to get to Langkawi

There are two ways to get to Langkawi and the best option really depends on where you are starting from. If you have landed in Kuala Lumpur, and already completed a few days exploring this wonderful city, then the easiest way is to catch a cheap flight there. Kuala Lumpur has 3 airports, so ensure you go to the right one! Uber or the KLIA Express is the easiest way to get to one of the airports.

The other option is if you are on the mainland already, up in North Malaysia or coming down from Thailand then you can get a ferry. This is a short trip, and there are various companies running services throughout the day. However please ensure you check weather conditions and timings the day before you plan to leave.

Langkawi Eagle Sign, Malaysia

Where to stay in Langkawi

You will not have any trouble finding great accommodation in Langkawi. There are places to sleep that will suit all types of budget. From hotels with outdoor swimming pools such as the Adya Hotel Langkawi, to cheaper guest houses like the Singgah Seeni Guest House or Rainbow Lodge, to even hostels with dormitories like Gecko.

Rainbow Lodge, Langkawi Malaysia

You’ll find this with a lot of Malaysia, that it caters to all markets and there’s usually something for everyone. Have a look at the location of the accommodation on the island, and see how close you want to be to the beach, bars, restaurants etc.

Where to eat in Langkawi

Most of the restaurants are in Kuah, Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. However, if you do explore the island further, you will find great places to eat also dotted around. There’s a wide selection of amazing cuisine and usual with Malaysian food there is a real mix of Indian and Chinese also. 

The Gulai House has a delightful atmosphere as it is located in a 10-million year old rainforest. Equally at the other end of the budget, if you want some good cafe food then try out Mangoes. A lovely place with a real cosy, low key atmosphere.

As you are on an island you can expect delicious seafood in many places, and if you choose your location carefully, you can enjoy it while also watching an incredible sunset. 

So here are the top things to do in Langkawi, which has a lot to offer – you just need to prioritise what you want to see and do!

Have you been to Langkawi? What else would you add to this list?
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Top things to do in Langkawi Malaysia

Top things to do in Langkawi Malaysia




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