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2017 Year in Review – My First Year of Blogging

By on 03/01/2018
As 2018 starts, I find myself assessing how much my life has changed in the last year – I went from backpacker returning home, to being in control of my own destiny (and travels!). Here's my 2017 year in review

15 Photos to Inspire You to Travel to Vietnam

By on 24/04/2017
This post aims to inspire you to travel to Vietnam and to show you why I think you will love visiting this captivating country. I have put together 15 images that will get your wanderlust juices flowing.

The Great Myanmar Railway Journey (not for the faint hearted)

By on 01/04/2017

‘Don’t lean out any further,’ I heard a voice behind me say. ‘It’s a 100 metre drop.’ I was standing on the steps of the carriage with the door…